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SupraLASIK is a revolution in laser eye vision correction providing the highest level of safety with superior outcomes.

SupraLASIK is the latest generation of laser eye vision correction to give you complete freedom from glasses or contact lenses. It provides safe and effective vision correction with a host of superior advantages to other laser or LASIK eye surgery procedures.

All achieved with a treatment time of usually less than 60 seconds per eye!

All SupraLASIK treatments come with a Lifetime Care Guarantee.

This shows the confidence we have in our treatment. After all, you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to your eyes.

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SupraLASIK™ is a revolution in laser eye vision correction providing the highest level of safety with superior outcomes
The best feature of SupraLASIK™ is that is in fact NOT LASIK thereby giving it distinct advantages over all the other LASIK procedures. This makes it one of the safest forms of laser eye vision correction available anywhere in the world today.

SupraLASIK™ does not require any cutting or flap therefore it is actually NOT a surgical procedure unlike IntraLASIK or other LASIK procedures. The fact that it does not require any cutting into the cornea confers the many advantages and extremely high safety profile of this procedure.
SupraLASIK™ is performed using the Schwind Amaris excimer laser. This is one of the most sophisticated‚ precise and advanced lasers used in eye surgery in the world.

The procedure usually takes under 60 seconds per eye to perform where there is virtually no contact with the eye itself. The laser simply reshapes the cornea to completely correct shortsightedness (myopia)‚ longsightedness (hyperopia)‚ astigmatism and all other irregularities in the cornea which may affect vision (higher order aberrations).
SupraLASIK™ utilizes all the available advances in laser vision correction optimization such as wavefront customized treatment plans. This means that‚ if required‚ the treatment will not only correct the complete eyeglasses prescription you may have but it also corrects any irregularities you may have in your cornea. This further adds to the precision and refinement of visual outcomes from this procedure.
IntraLASIK‚ UltraLASIK or in fact any other LASIK procedure involves cutting the eye to create a corneal flap. This can be done with a blade or with a laser (eg. IntraLASIK). SupraLASIK™ corrects your vision without any cut into the cornea. This has several advantages since it makes the procedure much safer‚ more comfortable and quicker than other LASIK procedures. Avoiding cutting into the cornea also reduces the impact on corneal nerves created by the procedure. This helps significantly reduce the incidence of dry eye after this procedure which is one of the main complications of other LASIK procedures. Reducing post–treatment dry eye is of great importance not only to ensure long term comfort for the patient but also to help ensure long term stability of vision and reduce the risk of regression.

Once your eye has healed and recovered from the procedure‚ the cornea heals almost completely back to how it was prior to surgery except for the fact that you can now see clearly without glasses. There is almost no evidence of having had the procedure such that even an eye specialist would find it hard to tell unless you informed them beforehand or they specifically check for it with a corneal scan. Also the eye is not any weaker than prior to surgery if it were ever to sustain an injury. In fact it would behave the same way to injury before or after surgery. This is in contrast to other LASIK procedures‚ where direct high force injury to the cornea can displace or even amputate the corneal flap even decades after the original procedure. This is of particular relevance to people playing contact sports or that may be involved in direct contact activities such as members of the armed forces‚ police or certain professional athletes.
The German developed and produced SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems are deemed‚ also by independent experts‚ to be the highest standard among eye lasers for refractive surgery. Above all‚ patients profit from their strong features since treatment with the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems is not only significantly faster‚ more precise and safer than ever before – it is also considerably more pleasant.

The SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems provide all features of modern laser technology. And they offer even more‚ because in the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems groundbreaking innovations have been materialized – such as the ablation with two energy levels or the unique eye tracking system. So far‚ these features have not been available in any other device.

Using the Schwind Amaris‚ our ophthalmologist provide advanced and customized laser eye surgery using latest technologies‚ such as the Wave front guided Tortional eye Tracker which can track even the slightest eye movements in the x‚ y and z axis. All these technologies are incorporated into the SupraLASIK™ treatment.
No. Eye drop anesthesia is applied several times before the procedure to numb the cornea however since SupraLASIK™ does not involve any cutting into the eye and almost no touching of your eye during the procedure‚ it is extremely comfortable. The only sensation reported is often that of the saline fluid used at the end of the procedure to keep the cornea wet and clean.
LASEK and PRK all require manual removal of the surface layer of the cornea. In fact both options often use a chemical agent to loosen up the surface layer before scraping it off. SupraLASIK™ does not require any chemicals or scraping of the eye since it uses the safe and painless Schwind Amaris laser to remove this surface layer. Avoiding manual removal of this layer helps to increase safety‚ speed up recovery time and improve overall results and outcomes. Also any potential risk of long term corneal haze is significantly reduced by the use of a special medicine applied at the end of the procedure.
During the first 48 hours after the procedure‚ patients normally experience watery‚ light sensitive eyes. During this period it is best advised to stay at home and avoid prolonged visual activity. After this period the eyes are comfortable but the vision is not stable due to a special protective healing lens that is placed in the eye at the end of surgery. This lens is removed on day 6 after which the vision stabilizes further. The vision initially fluctuates before it becomes crisp and sharp. This recovery period does vary amongst individuals although following the advised post–treatment regime and precautions helps speed up this process. Although the recovery is not as quick as from an uncomplicated LASIK procedure‚ we feel that the initial time investment during the first days after the procedure is well worth the additional benefits or less long term issues.
During the first few days after the procedure‚ you’ll be given special drops to place regularly in your eyes. You will also be clearly advised of all do’s and don′ts. For instance‚ you must avoid rubbing your eyes too much in the first few days. Once the initial healing period is passed‚ the precautions are fairly minimal and you can quite quickly get back to your normal life – except now without glasses or contact lenses!
The survey of our SupraLASIK™ patients tells us that 50% go back to work on day 4 whilst almost 100% go back to work on day 5 after the procedure.
Once healed‚ your eye would react the same way to injury as it would prior to the procedure since SupraLASIK™ does not structurally weaken your eye to injury unlike other types of LASIK.
We are so confident of the safety and accuracy of SupraLASIK™ that we offer a ‘lifetime care guarantee’.
This means that we are so confident that SupraLASIK™ will be a once–in–a–lifetime solution to free you from glasses or contact lenses‚ that if your prescription comes back at any stage in the future‚ we will treat it for free. Clearly we can only offer such a guarantee because we don′t have to perform such re–treatments due to the high accuracy‚ reliability and consistency of SupraLASIK™.
This depends on several factors such as your state of eye lubrication‚ corneal curvature‚ corneal thickness and so on. However since SupraLASIK™ does not cut into the cornea‚ and has a minimal impact on the thickness and strength of the cornea‚ we can safely perform the re–treatment to give spectacle–free vision in suitable candidates.
Although the guidelines are usually a requirement of being older than 18 years old‚ the concept of importance here is stability of spectacle prescription. There is no specific upper age limit‚ although we often find that after the age of 60‚ other eye problems develop which prevent the candidate from being suitable for SupraLASIK™.
Yes. Since the treatment has a minimal impact on the thickness and strength of the cornea‚ we can repeat it if required. This is usually only done in patients who wish to improve their reading vision further and often requires that only one eye gets retreated.
The simple reason is that there are only a limited number of centers in the world able to offer such sophisticated procedures. As public awareness is increasing about SupraLASIK™‚ more people are realizing that is the first procedure of choice for laser vision correction.
This requires a very thorough process of evaluation which involves a serious of very detailed tests followed by complete assessment by our highly trained SupraLASIK™ specialists. The criteria are quite strict and if we feel that you may specifically experience particular problems after the surgery‚ you would refuse to offer the procedure. We offer the complete range of vision correction options available‚ not just laser or LASIK vision correction‚ therefore we would be able to advise the best option to suit each individual. We are fully focused on offering only what is in the best interest of our patients which also ensures that we consistently get the best results with an extremely happy patient base.
Generally for glasses powers greater than –6.5 of shortsightedness or +4 of longsightedness‚ as any laser vision correction procedure risks dryness or structural weakening of the cornea. In such cases‚ we have safer options available for vision correction. SupraLASIK™ can correct up to 6 dioptres of astigmatism. We offer the complete range of vision correction solutions‚ not only laser or LASIK‚ therefore we would always advice only what is the safest and most suitable option for each individual.
The UAE and most of the Middle East has a very hot and dry climate for most of the year. Therefore any procedure which is less likely to induce or aggravate dry eye is very relevant in such an environment. This especially applies to people who also have visually demanding jobs requiring them to look at computer monitors all day. For such people‚ avoiding dry eye has a very high impact on quality of life.
The procedure is pioneered in Germany and is only available in few centers worldwide. It is exclusively available in the UAE at the Imperial Healthcare Institute located in Dubai Healthcare City.
Due to the high safety and outcomes of SupraLASIK™‚ some insurance providers will cover all costs relating to your treatment.

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