Treatment of Advanced Retinal Diseases


Our ophthalmologists are able to carry out procedures to treat diabetes related eye disease and retinal eye disease. These include Retinal Laser procedure, intravitreal injections of Anti-VEGF (Luncentis and Avastin) and Triamcinolone, diabetic vitreous hemorrhage, diabetic tractional retinal detachment and conventional retinal detachment. We also provide retinal lasers to treat retinal diabetic changes, retinal breaks and peripheral retinal degenerations.

Retinal and Diabetic diseases:

During a retinal tear, laser treatment seals the layers of the retina together. If not treated, fluid leaks through these tears or holes causing these layers to separate and detach. This causes loss of vision depending on the degree of detachment.

Getting ready for a laser treatment session:

What happens during laser treatment?

After the laser treatment

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